The Best in English Interior Decoration

By Chester Jones


Chintz in glorious faded colours, fringed and tasselled curtains, sofas designed for years of fireside comfort, and expertly applied paint finishes, subtly lit to show off beautiful antiques and paintings: these are the hallmarks of English Country style, developed by the preeminent English design firm of Colefax & Fowler. The resulting comfortable and understated elegance is currently more fashionable than ever, and can be found in houses and apartments throughout the world.

This gorgeous book is both a history and a pictorial celebration of the enormously influential design firm. A fascinatingly anecdotal text tells the story of the firm’s founder, John Fowler, and shows his style evolving through his association with Sibyl Colefax & Nancy Lancaster and later through his work in restoring National Trust houses. In addition, it describes the expert craftsmanship and technical skills behind the firm’s internationally acclaimed artistry. Watercolours, especially commissioned photographs of rooms and motifs, swatches of fabric and wallpaper, trimmings and other decorative elements are beautifully reproduced and discussed to show how the ageless look is achieved, and examples of the firm’s work are displayed in a wide variety of houses, ranging from country estates to apartments and town houses in London.


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